Influencing Results and Relationships

Workshop: Influencing Results and Relationships
Is this for me?
  1. Influence: “the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself”.

Powerful influencers make things happen across the business through a network of committed stakeholders. They create, maintain, and enhance relationships capable of producing outstanding business results.

Powerful influencers facilitate the achievement of business results through knowing themselves and knowing how to gain the commitment of their stakeholders. They are deeply aware of how they like others to influence them, and how they need to flex their preferences for maximum impact when influencing others. They are able to judge when to push for what they need and when to focus on meeting others’ needs.

Imagine being so highly influential that you:
  • Energise the potential in others and engage them to achieve the results you and your business want.
  • Maximise trust, accountability, and collaboration and minimise tension and conflict.

Do you want to generate high performance results in your sphere of influence – in yourself, your team, your peers, and your business? Do you want to build support for your ideas and consolidate effective relationships with others?

Those who are likely to benefit from this workshop are:
  • Managers and senior managers who need to influence powerful or experienced people in challenging situations.
  • Individuals without formal authority who need to influence others to agree to priorities, deadlines and ways of working.
  • People tasked with driving change through a business to bring about increased operational excellence.
  • Managers who believe that they could get better results from their team and colleagues.
  • Individuals who believe they could improve their relationships with some people they find more difficult to get on with.
What will I learn? By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Recognise your preferred influencing styles and motivations.
  • Employ a range of successful influencing behaviours.
  • Consider the preferences of those within your networks.
  • Develop strategies for achieving results through relationships.
  • Apply confidence-building tools to challenge personal performance barriers.
Duration: Three days
Any other information:

We have successfully run this programme in the UK and with participants from Croatia, Denmark, India, Malaysia, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, The Philippines and The Netherlands.

We work with 2 experienced facilitators and 12 participants to enable a high level of individual support and challenge and feedback throughout the programme.

We can also offer:

  • A 2-days followed by 1-day option.
  • To condense the content into a 2-days only option.
  • Refresher and follow-up options.
Licenced by SRS – The Development Team Limited to use The Influencing Spectrum Model.
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