Coaching Mastery

Workshop: Coaching Mastery
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Master coaches move beyond ‘doing’ coaching to ‘being’ a coach. They embody the deeper attitudes and inner identity of a coach and hold a respectful mind-set that is free of judgement and rooted in strong partnership.

This workshop builds on the essential behaviours and skills of Coaching for Performance and encourages another level of openness to exploring oneself and the principles of coaching mastery:
  • Contracting becomes an even more meaningful experience that gets to the real truth of the issue.
  • Exploration emerges from penetrating attention, curious questioning, and the full somatic presence of both the coach and coachee.
  • The coach calls playfully and mindfully on elements of Gestalt and Transactional Analysis as principal psychologies and systemic thinking stances, and Heron’s model of interventions to build the ‘usefulness’ of a holistic approach rather than the ‘helpfulness’ of a problem solver.
  • Endings create the space for new beginnings.
With the International Coach Federation’s competencies as the platform and criteria for evaluation, this workshop will help you:
  • Be flexible to not knowing and the message of the moment.
  • Work with your coachees to uncover enduring ways forward – actions and reflections.
  • Move inertia to performance and ‘stuck-ness’ to dynamism.
  • Work through a diagnostic-resourcing-resolution process in service of the coachee.
People likely to benefit from this workshop are:
  • Graduates of Coaching for Performance who wish to take their skills and self-awareness to a new level.
  • Previously accredited coaches wishing to engage in continuous professional development.
  • Those who work with coachees on deeper relationship-based issues.
What will I learn? By the end of this workshop you will be able to:
  • Generate a trusting learning partnership supportive of developmental stretch.
  • Be clear and explicit about your intent when coaching.
  • Make a range of intra- and inter-personal coaching interventions.
  • Deliver appropriate, influential behaviour when coaching.
  • Respond to and challenge unhelpful climate indicators.
  • Bring about profound and personal learning.
  • Describe your personal coaching philosophy.
Duration: Three days
Any other information:

We work with 2 experienced facilitators/accredited coaches and 12 participants to enable a high level of individual support and challenge and feedback throughout the programme.

We also offer:
  • Refresher and follow-up options.
  • Coaching supervision.
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