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At Moonraker Development, we have all held people leadership roles and many have held senior HR positions in large organisations. We are well placed to help HR practitioners grow their confidence, skills and effectiveness in leadership, business partnering and development roles.

David Ulrich’s original work, of almost 20 years ago now, (Human Resource Champions, 1997) catapulted HR functions into a period of transformation that has gathered pace ever since.

Whatever the debate around HR business partnering, centres of expertise and shared services, one thing is true: the HR community need to grow their knowledge, skills, capability and effectiveness in order to confidently drive the business and people change agendas.

Taylor & Woodhams (Managing People and Organisations, 2012) write that HR practitioners need to be:

  • Business-savvy: with a deep understanding of core business values and what drives success.
  • Context-savvy: understand market trends, forces that impact the business, and the broader macro-economic and societal factors affecting organisations now and in the future.
  • Organisation-savvy: understand the interplay of hard and soft factors that enable or derail business success, e.g. change dynamics, people, culture, and leadership.

One recent piece of CIPD research states the need for HR “to move away from ‘the service delivery and process focus with which HR is typically identified’ to be more insight-driven.” (CIPD, 2012b: 2).

We run a range of workshops that equip HR practitioners with advanced coaching and facilitation skills that enable them to interact with the business in powerful new ways, and to develop deeper business, context, and organisation savvy as a result.

enablingthehrcommunity_1Those who attend our full HR development programme report that they:

  • Confidently use a range of facilitation techniques and skills to generate better results in meetings and group discussions.
  • Facilitate and coach more courageously in the deeper areas of self-management and relationships.
  • Influence individuals and groups more powerfully, harnessing energy towards change.
  • Achieve a range of measures of success linked to financial, customer, operational and employee key performance indicators.
We tailor this to your specific needs as none of the titles are off-the-shelf packages. Information about these workshops

Some organisations choose to run a core and elective self-nomination process for participants.

Module 2: Influencing results and Relationships
Licenced by SRS - The Development Team Limited to use The Influencing Spectrum Model.

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