Coaching Supervision


We believe that looking after yourself as a coach is a professional competency and so bring our energy, effort and enthusiasm to create a safe, stretching, and confidential learning space by: 
  • Management_skills_26_cropProviding a space for active reflection on your professional coaching practice that brings about reflective action when at work – reflection is an action too.
  • Partnering in a learning experience that encourages coaches to slow down and notice the context, content, connectedness, and consequences of their work – the richness of the journey as well as the start and end points of a coaching session.
  • Creating powerful and meaningful insights based on astute observation brought about by ‘fully present’ listening – listening to what is and is not said and where the energy lies.
  • Exploring the source and nature of coaching interventions to maximise personal resources - adding value to the coaching work.
  • Working creatively to explore and celebrate success - learning from the difficult or different by balancing the inner voice.
  • Building a mutually respectful and trusting relationship – encompassing a transformational quality.
  • Using proven techniques to facilitate self-discovery, personal growth and accountability for the art and science of coaching – applying and sharing a range of models, frameworks and techniques often designed in the moment.

We value integrity partnership and professionalism and pride ourselves on working flexibly to build and sustain strong, trust-based rapport that enable our clients to achieve challenging personal development goals and business agendas.

Our coach supervisors hold a professional accreditation, are coaches too, and use regular supervision to help them bring active reflection to their way of working, uphold our professional standards, and continue their own personal development.

Some examples of recent topics brought to coaching supervision sessions include:
  • Closing a coaching contract more satisfactorily with learning around staying aware of organisational parallel processes, the importance of interim reviews, honouring personal experiences and intuition, and contracting with sponsors.
  • Managing self in a meeting about negative feedback ratings and then working with the feedback giver with learning on clarity of opening position and staying in the Adult Ego state.
  • Dysfunctional team leading to negative impact on self-confidence in coaching work with learning around looking at the whole team as a system and not just individuals, using a broader range of interventions, supporting and challenging and acknowledging the transition underway.
  • Cleanliness of feedback vs. judgemental behaviour with learning around the power of systemic representation, holding a caring friend…..challenging antagonist continuum rather than an either/or dimension and alternative structures for reflecting on the situation.
  • Relationship with coaching associate organisation with learning around necessary distance vs. detachment, the power of acknowledging tangles and working to disentangle, and the place of the inner supervisor.
  • Coaching authentically in coaching demos with learning around contracting how the demonstration will end, the difference between ‘artificial’ and ‘incomplete’ and links to the Gestalt Cycle of Experience.
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To contact us please:
Telephone: 01326 221535 or 07779 231071
Write to: Moonraker Development Services Limited, 1 The Old Corn Mill, Gweek, Helston, Cornwall, TR12 6UD
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