Core Management Skills and Leadership Development

At Moonraker Development we have found that the following steps help us understand your organisation’s culture, drivers and goals.  This enables us to design and deliver the bespoke management and leadership development that achieves the results you want for your organisation.

Step 1: Getting to know you

Energising potential

Diagnostic_1Getting to know your people, understanding what drives your business, finding out what holds things back and defining the changes you want.

When we begin working with you, we aim to get to know the head and heart of your organisation quickly; we talk to stakeholders to learn about business goals and challenges and tune into the culture and ways of working.

We draw on this insight to design powerful learning experiences that fit.

We do not charge for this time. We believe it is fundamental to the success of our work and helps meet our strategic aspiration to do work that our clients recognise as first class.

We do the same with current clients from time to time to keep up with their business and people strategies.

Step 2 – Training needs analysis

Engaging people

Design_1Responding to stakeholders’ and learners’ needs with a communication and delivery style rich in energy, effort, and enthusiasm.

Based on your brief, and our insights from getting to know you, we write a proposal that outlines learning objectives, high-level session content, possible measures of success, and supporting activities like employee communications, train the trainer, or stakeholder management tools that will help make your project a resounding success.

Workshop materials we provide to you typically include:

  • Joining invitation and delegate pre-work
  • Trainer/facilitator notes and supplementary handouts
  • Participant handouts and evaluation
  • Participant handouts and evaluation
  • Resource checklist


Step 3 – Delivering learning events and evaluating reactions

Engaging people

Responding to stakeholders’ and learners’ needs with a communication and delivery style rich in energy, effort, and enthusiasm.

Enhancing performance

Delivery_1“Being there all the way” so people make a noticeable difference back in the workplace.

We allocate a lead facilitator who understands you well – either through their involvement in stages one and two, or via a briefing session that covers the context for the work, stakeholder relationships, communication processes and session content.

For multiple programmes we have a core team of Partner facilitators from which we can build a design and delivery team, as well as access to an independent network of Associates.

We work in a lively, practical way with examples, case studies and discussion based around real work situations. We believe that development works best when people are having fun while they’re learning – participants remember the learning experience as well as the key messages.

We collect and collate feedback reactions at the end of the workshop and ask about perceived skills before and after the event. We convert these to numerical measures so that you can see both the participant reaction to the workshop and the degree of change they have experienced.

Step 4 – Evaluation

Enhancing performance

Follow_up_1“Being there all the way” so your people make a noticeable difference back in your workplace.

We believe that measuring the transfer of learning into action provides crucial return on investment information to the business and helps shape future learning investment. We support our clients to evaluate at different levels:

  • Reactions: how was the immediate experience for them and what has changed?
  • Learning: what did people learn and how are they doing things differently?
  • Behaviour: what impact are new knowledge, skills, behaviours and ways of working having on individual performance?
  • Results: what business results are visible as a result of this development investment? What is the impact on financial, customer, operational, or employee indicators?

While many of our clients run their evaluations internally, we can also manage it on your behalf.

Longer-term evaluations are open to influence by many other factors. We recommend our clients use a broad range of measures to create a clear view of impact. Before the programme gets underway, we encourage you to set a benchmark against the most appropriate measures.

We like to do a closing review with clients to look at successes and what further opportunities there are for the organisation and its people agenda.

None of the titles are off-the-shelf packages as we believe in designing for the individual needs of our clients. Some organisations also choose to run a core and elective self-nomination process for participants.

Introduction to Core Management Skills example options

The Role of the Manager
180°/270° Development Feedback
Key People Processes
Questioning and Listening Skills
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Core Communication Skills
Energising the Individual Coaching & Mentoring

Managing Performance
Motivating for Success
Resolving Conflict Skilfully
Successful Communication
Working for Well-being

Engaging the Team

Appraisal Skills
Developing Teamwork
Influencing Results & Relationships
(Licenced by SRS-The Development Team Limited to use The Influencing Spectrum Model.)
Managing Change
Presentation Skills
Understanding and Valuing the Difference
Enhancing Results

Delegating for Results
Effective Decision Making
Intelligent Problem-solving
Managing & Facilitating Meetings
Personal Effectiveness/Time Management
Project Management

Leadership Development example options

360° Development Feedback
Achieving Operational Efficiency & Continuous Improvement
Action Learning Groups and Project Work
Business Simulation or Case Study
Community Projects
Creating a High Performance Culture
Delighting the Customer
Developing a Signature Leadership Style
Driving the People Agenda
Fostering Innovation
Integrated Coaching interventions to support group work
Integrity and Ethics
Leadership Reading, Review and Reflection
Leading the Business
Managing Risk
My Leadership Story
Personal and Organisational Values
Strategic Thinking
The Future of Work
The Management – Leadership Continuum
The Leadership Timeline

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