Facilitating Relationships

Workshop: Facilitating Relationships
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Experienced behavioural facilitators enable profound personal learning to bring about powerful shifts in behaviour and attitudes.

Their acute observation skills, complemented by insightful intuition, prepare them to share potent feedback in an influential and compelling way. They see beyond surface level behaviours and hear what others do not say so they can explore people’s intention and impact. They have a deep understanding of their own intent and impact, and help others gain a deeper level of self-awareness.

This workshop strengthens self-awareness so you become more conscious of a deeper and broader range of personal responses to the people, issues, or situations that you work with in your role and how to use these responses whilst facilitating. It draws on a practical cycle of facilitation that ensures facilitators know:
  • Their intention and purpose for making an intervention.
  • The most appropriate intervention to use.
  • How to overcome any resistance or blocks.
  • How their personal response might be affecting the situation.

Those likely to benefit from this workshop will:
  • Facilitate behavioural or team effectiveness workshops.
  • Work as a coach with coaching assignments.
  • Undertake a management or arbitrator role in situations of tension and conflict.
  • Be planning to move into a role requiring the above as part of their career development plan.
What will I learn?  
By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Generate a learning environment that supports behavioural stretch.
  • Be clear and explicit about your intent when intervening.
  • Make a range of intra- and inter-personal facilitative interventions.
  • Deliver interventions using appropriate, influential behaviour.
  • Balance situational demands, group needs, and individual preferences.
  • Contribute to profound and personal learning.
  • Facilitate workplace development events and opportunities.
Duration: Three days
Any other information:

We work with 2 experienced facilitators and 12 participants to enable a high level of individual support and challenge and feedback throughout the programme.

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