Coaching for Performance

Workshop: Coaching for Performance
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High performance coaching is an evolutionary learning relationship that promotes revolutionary results.

Whatever your role, as the world of work demands a communicative, collaborative, and coaching style of leadership, this workshop enables you to deepen natural strengths and develop your skill set further.

With the International Coach Federation’s competencies as the platform and criteria for evaluation, this workshop will help you:
  • Blend your generalist and specialist people skills into your own signature presence.
  • Build competence and confidence in others and you.
  • Unlock and energise an individual’s potential to enhance their performance.
  • Determine how you wish to represent professional coaching with integrity.

From establishing your learning contract, with the involvement of other stakeholders as appropriate, through to reviewing progress at the end of the assignment, this programme provides a practical approach and highlights opportunities to work in a creative way that improves performance.

People likely to benefit from this workshop are:
  • Working as (or preparing to be) an internal coach, and have not yet completed an external accreditation process.
  • A manager with a team wishing to adopt a coaching leadership style.
  • An HR business partner, change agent, or employee advocate.
What will I learn? By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Position the role of coaching within an overall performance management cycle.
  • Use the core coaching skills of contracting, observing, giving feedback, and action planning.
  • Select and skilfully use the most appropriate coaching model to meet the needs of a coachee.
  • Use a range of common process techniques and create bespoke ones to deliver specified actions and outcomes.
  • Recognise and explore personal blocks to performance – your own and others.
  • Determine the implications of ethics and confidentiality across a range of scenarios.
  • Assess your personal competency against ICF professional standards.
  • Define the role of coaching supervision.
Duration: Three days
Any other information:

We work with 2 experienced facilitators/accredited coaches and 12 participants to enable a high level of individual support and challenge and feedback throughout the programme.

We also offer:
  • A 2-days + 2-days option.
  • This programme as an HR specialist or a line manager/change manager/project manager option.
  • Refresher and follow-up options.
  • Coaching supervision.
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