Facilitating Results

Workshop: Facilitating Results
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Skilled facilitators add value far beyond any expert or authoritative viewpoint. Rather they build credibility through observing group interactions as members work together. Their influential presence means they are able to harness group energy, challenge the group’s thinking, and get the best result.

Clear about their role, effective facilitators agree and contract their responsibilities before, during, and after the session or event. They work with a specific, defined end result so that they can push for agreed actions, outcomes, and decisions to which all are committed.

They are able to use a variety of techniques to generate and explore options for moving forward and to respond to the group’s needs. This level of responsiveness may require a portfolio of 12-15 proven techniques available for use.

Confident in managing the core elements of facilitating for results (contracting, responsive delivery and managing the working environment), first-class facilitators work with the group to set ground-rules and achieve expectations. They recognise the signs of unproductive group dynamics, unhelpful individual behaviours or contributions, and make the appropriate intervention to reduce tension, conflict or disruptive behaviours.

Those who are likely to benefit from this workshop are those who:
  • Facilitate meetings or sessions that solve problems or make decisions.
  • Have a role and/or responsibility to get the best result from a group or their colleagues without technical expertise.
  • Take responsibility for actions that are outside of their initial remit.
What will I learn? By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Describe the difference between training and process facilitation.
  • Formulate ground-rules that cater for individual and group needs.
  • Shape, agree, and bring about a defined end result.
  • Use a range of common techniques and create bespoke ones to deliver specified actions and outcomes.
  • Respond to and challenge group thinking about the ‘status quo’ and amend the facilitation procedure as appropriate.
  • Give enhanced interventions and feedback about individual and group levels of contribution to move group towards self-sustainability.
  • Plan for driving groups to pre-determined end results.
Duration: Three days
Any other information:

We work with 2 experienced facilitators and 12 participants to enable a high level of individual support and challenge and feedback throughout the programme.

We also offer:
  • A 2-days + 1-day option.
  • To condense the content into a 2-days only option.
  • Refresher and follow-up options.
  • This programme as an HR specialist or a line manager/project manager option.
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