Team effectiveness

Teams that deliver ‘best in class’ performance have strong relationships, ways of working that harness potential and generate brilliant results time after time.

At Moonraker Development, we help teams to energise their collective potential through powerful development events linked to real business challenges. We build commitment to team success that flows through to business results.

Each team is unique, and so are their team development events; we respond to the nature and complexity of the team and its purpose. We have worked with a wide range of teams:

  • New or mature
  • Project or functional
  • Large or small
  • Senior or junior
  • Strategic or operational
  • Private or public sector

We work at three levels of team intervention, and draw on models of team effectiveness such as Tuckman (1965 & 1977), Katzenbach & Smith (1993) and Lencioni (2002):



Team Insight - transforming good performance into higher performance and a sustainable broader impact, influence and inspiration.

Team Development - working together for great results and relationships.

Team Building - getting to know one another and building trust.

At Moonraker Development we have found that the following steps help us understand a team's culture, drivers and goals. This enables us to design and deliver the bespoke team development that accelerates the quality of team work.

Step 1 - Diagnostic

Energising potential


Getting to know your people, understanding what drives your business, finding out what holds things back and defining the changes you want.

We work in partnership with the team to understand current dynamics, clarify what improvements they need, create clear objectives and outcomes and generate a shared commitment, level of engagement and team ownership for the way forward.

Step 2 - Design

Engaging people


Responding to stakeholders’ and learners’ needs with a communication and delivery style rich in energy, effort, and enthusiasm.

We design a bespoke team development solution with clear outcomes and measures of success, discuss and complete any changes and agree the delivery plan. We strive to relate the outcomes to the workplace and business results.

Step 3 - Delivery

Engaging people

Responding to stakeholders’ and learners’ needs with a communication and delivery style rich in energy, effort, and enthusiasm.

Enhancing performance

Delivery“Being there all the way” so your people make a noticeable difference back in your workplace.

We aim to deliver an engaging experience. We link discussion, activities and learning to an action plan and establish a plan-do-review structure for the team to thrive and succeed.


Step 4 - Follow up

Enhancing performance.


“Being there all the way” so people make a noticeable difference back in the workplace.

We run follow-up sessions to evaluate progress and overcome barriers while building self-sufficiency, competence and confidence.


Input Output
Step 1: Diagnostic
  • Questionnaire, and/or
  • Individual interviews, and/or
  • Group facilitated discussion
  • Team development objectives
  • Business and performance results expected
Step 2: Design
  • Development solutions
  • Draft team development programme
  • Clear measures of success
Step 3: Delivery
  • Rich in energy, effort, and enthusiasm
  • Ongoing action plan produced
  • Plan-do-review process in place
Step 4: Follow up
  • Follow-up schedule
  • One-to-one complementary coaching options
  • Evaluation
  • Celebration of successes
  • Learning from disappointments
  • Revised action plans to maintain momentum and overcome barriers
  • Increased confidence and competence
  • Plan-do-review process
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To contact us please:
Telephone: 01326 221535 or 07779 231071
Write to: Moonraker Development Services Limited, 1 The Old Corn Mill, Gweek, Helston, Cornwall, TR12 6UD
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