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Moonraker Development are pleased to offer a range of development experiences depending on your needs and the needs of your participants.

We work with individuals and groups to facilitate powerful learning experiences that bring about a change in levels of competence and confidence.  We aim to impact the results you wish to achieve, and, the way your people create, maintain and enhance the relationships that underpin your performance culture.

You will find some examples of our work here and we are happy to support you in creating something completely new to fulfil your specific requirements.

Spotlight on Coaching for Resilience

We all go through crises and challenges.  Whether we know it at the time or not, there are usually choices and consequences that lead to creative solutions and conclusions!

As a resilience coach I work with The Resilience Dynamic® and The Resilience Engine® models (Copyright Lifetimeswork 2013 / Resilience Engine 2015) to support and challenge individuals to develop their resilience capability, and grow their awareness of what they have and what they need to develop, to work at the highest performance level of resilience.

What is resilience?

Jenny Campbell of Lifetimeswork and The Resilience Engine® frames resilience in her paper on ‘What is Resilience’ as:

  • A measure of how much change you can adapt to successfully.
  • The ability to reshape.

For me it is a dynamic and energising capacity that enables people to manage and maximise their well-being during times of change.

Dynamic because it is more than putting someone back together having fallen apart; it is an active process of self-awareness driving self-management whether in personal or professional periods of change.  Energising capacity because what if someone could be the best someone during change rather than settle for the usual?

Please take a look and if we have whetted your appetite then take a deeper look and get in touch.

Download: Coaching for Resilience

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