So, I was not expecting to be quoting Rhianna and a comment the December 2020 Christmas Closer magazine attributed to her in on this snow winter's morning - reading diverse material creates learning possibilities too:

"Diversity is about so much more than colour. As women, we are different shapes, we are different sizes and inclusivity is so important we don’t want anybody feeling left out. Diversity is something that should be celebrated, and I hope that is what we are doing." she says."

The statement echoes what I, and Sile Walsh believe and want to explore further with like-minded and different-minded people in our new programme Diversity - Beyond the Obvious starting on Monday 15th February 2021 and running for three afternoons.

Firstly, diversity is about so much more than colour. The colour of a person's skin is one quick visible indicator of difference that may lead some to conscious or unconscious biased judgements.  The fact that I sometimes read a 'gossip' magazine is not; nor my reasons for reading it and I guess there are some judgements right now in some readers of this. Malone Mukwende's work on the medical reality of us having different skin tones rather than one 'brown' is so refreshing, and those of us with this difference may refer to ourselves in a number of ways!

My body size is another visible indicator of difference along with opportunities for oh, so many judgements. People may have a myriad of root causes that lie behind any person’s size, and yet I wonder where our judgements might take us as an automatic reaction, rather than a considered response.

We don’t promise answers as your facilitators or thinking partners; what we hope for is a rich and active reflection through dialogue and discussion that brings about tangible reflective action for ourselves.

Are you interested enough to join in?

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We are delighted to offer the following professional CPD credits too:

Yvette Elcock

9.0 Core Competency hours
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