TKEffective Appraisals is a 2-day workshop on how to conduct the appraisals process onboard the LNG vessels of our client Teekay. We have worked as a Teekay partner since 2011, and supported the introduction of their new appraisal system.

The objective of the course is to teach their seafarers how to assess and communicate performance, identify strengths and areas for improvement and provide effective feedback to personnel.

Facilitators Hayley Redfern and Campbell Ford look to introduce, refresh and practice a range of core management skills that will enable Officers to execute their leadership role to the best of their ability.

The workshop will improve competency and instil confidence in the Senior and Junior Officer population with managing the appraisal process. It will create a more consistent and rigorous performance evaluation process built on objectivity and will allow our Officers practical experience and different approaches to holding difficult conversations in performance management scenarios.

Conducted at Teekay’s Training Centre in Glasgow, the course was first piloted in January of 2019 and a further five courses were delivered by the end of September 2019.

There is pre-course work for participants ahead of attendance in the form of a 300-400 word assignment for review and feedback by the respective Career Development Officer’s (CDO’s). The workshops are highly interactive, share experiences, introduce tools and techniques to help with planning, managing and writing up appraisal meetings.

image3Sessions include preparing evidence-based feedback, core communication skills and managing difficult conversations. Typically, participants positively rate the delivery of their learning expectations which are related to:

  • Learning more questioning skills.
  • Getting better at handling people.
  • Providing regular or improvement feedback.
  • Having difficult conversations.

ETO Marin Batina was the first to complete the full course closely followed by CGE Johann Irani:
ETO Marin Batina, “I thought that my relationships with the crew members were excellent and there wasn’t much that could be improved. We had very good communication and everyone felt free to ask and to approach if they needed. Today, after completion the post-workshop learning and the workbook, I start to think what I would do differently in every-day situation. During preparation for appraisal interviews, I think more about evidence and how to present them to each crew member depending on his/her E-Color.”
CGE Johann Irani, “The Effective Appraisal course has been a game changer. This system, if followed correctly can ensure fair and transparent evaluation of various crew members and is helpful both to the Assessor and the Assessed. Introducing this system has made it clear
as to what is exactly needed and/or expected in order to grow through the ranks in the Company and by doing that helps all to exactly know how to work towards it. The system requires a detailed description which gives the Office staff back on shore an insight into the work ethic and work attitude that each crew member puts in and hence, helps them make better calculated decisions during times of promotion.”

Below are some further extracts from what other Officer participants have said about participation on the course:
Very constructive training. Easy to understand what facilitators were saying. Good environment created by them.” (Pilot, January 2019.)
I have a better understanding at all levels of the appraisal process from appraisee to shore. I thought the course challenged me and the open environment was absolutely necessary and gratifying.” (Pilot, February 2019.)
Overall it was an interactive and effective course which has given a clearer view and perception about the effective appraisal system and has enhanced my knowledge to carry out the appraisal in a more effective manner.” (May 2019 average effectiveness rating of 90%.)
I was very happy with my improvement during the course, this was down to the great content and how this was presented.” (June 2019 average effectiveness rating of 89%.)

image1We also hear people say they enjoy the interactive style, activities and opportunities to learn from each other. "It's a refreshing change from death by PowerPoint!" is common. Moonraker encourage learning in a fun and relaxed environment and participants recognise that they create a safe learning space where they can be honest and share real experiences from receiving and managing appraisals.