We all go through crises and challenges.  Whether we know it at the time or not, there are usually choices and consequences that lead to creative solutions and conclusions!
As a resilience coach I work with The Resilience Dynamic and The Resilience Engine models (Copyright Lifetimeswork 2013 / Resilience Engine 2015) to support and challenge individuals to develop their resilience capability, and grow their awareness of what they have and what they need to develop, to work at the highest performance level of resilience.
What is resilience?
Jenny Campbell of Lifetimeswork and The Resilience Engine frames resilience in her paper on ‘What is Resilience’ as:
  • A measure of how much change you can adapt to successfully.
  • The ability to reshape.
For me it is a dynamic and energising capacity that enables people to manage and maximise their well-being during times of change.
Dynamic because it is more than putting someone back together having fallen apart; it is an active process of self-awareness driving self-management whether in personal or professional periods of change.  Energising capacity because what if someone could be the best someone during change rather than settle for the usual?
Why is resilience important in my practice?
Liggy Webb in ‘Resilience – How to cope when everything around you is changing’ puts it as:
  • Resilience is more than just survival, it is also about letting go and learning to grow.
My philosophy is that high performance coaching is an evolutionary learning relationship that creates revolutionary results for the coaching client, stakeholders, and/or the organisation.
I hear so much in my work about what gets in the way of my coachees giving their best and what leaves them de-motivated and tired and stressed.  As a result I have developed a specific approach that builds on my professional accreditation so far.  And I wanted to create the space in a coaching session for some active reflection to bring about reflective action especially in times of change.
How I like to work
I value integrity, partnership and professionalism and pride myself on working flexibly to enable delivery of coachee goals. My overarching principle is that powerful learning experiences strengthen self-belief, build skills and positively impact the world of work.
I like to work holistically and encourage coaches to keep an open mind, notice their deeper reactions to coaching discussions and ground actions and reflections to move forward.
I benefited from developing as a resilience coach; I have a passion to be at least as useful to others in service of their desired outcomes.  To this end I share my experiences and learnings to tell the story of what resilience coaching is and what the impact can be.  In particular:
  • Contracting for success in how we work together
  • Offering tools and actions for progress
  • Adhering to the Code of Ethics which covers:
    • My level of resilience to practice as a resilience coach.
    • Coaching within my level of experience and refer on if necessary.
    • Staying in supervision.
    • Creating a safe and practical space, and,
    • Acting with professionalism and integrity at all times.
What do I offer?
I help coachees identify what creates a dip in their resilience and energy, and then co-create appropriate ways to rebuild or strengthen their resources.
The Resilience Dynamic

The Resilience Engine


© The Resilience Engine 2019
We work to identify their starting point on the Resilience Dynamic and the situational context for this, before using a suite of tools drawn from a variety of development approaches, psychologies and the Resilience Engine.
My aim is to partner my clients on their journey with the desired outcome a move from automatic reactions to considered responses that drive:
  • An increase in the capacity to adapt through holding perspective and pacing energy
  • A strengthening of internal resources including sense of purpose, balance and acceptance of self
  • Connection and commitment to a clear external goal
  • More grounded decision making
  • Improvements to general well-being
"You may not be able to control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them." Maya Angelou in ‘Letter to My Daughter’.
“Facing adversity, building resilience and finding joy is a lifelong project.” Sheryl Sandberg & Adam Grant in ‘Option B’.
If you want to maximise your performance and well-being, and minimise unproductive interferences, I’d love to support and challenge you to this end.